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Spiegeltents or Mirror Tents, were originally built in Belgium between 1910 and 1922. These gorgeous round wooden structures toured central Europe for many years and were used for cabaret, theatre, parties, weddings and all types of musical events.

Sadly the ravages of time took their toll and many of these fine structures disappeared completely. However today, almost a century later, these spiegeltent designs have been lovingly recreated and adapted to suit modern health and safety requirements. Mirror Tents are once again available for a variety of events.

  • Musical performances
  • Arts and literary festivals
  • Dances
  • Theatre and cabaret
  • Corporate events
  • Parties and weddings

Both the Idolize and Salon Perdu spiegeltents have a circular wooden floor surrounded by cosy booths decorated with polished mirrors, leadlight windows and carved wood detail. They have a small stage, integral bar, elaborate entranceway and rich fabric drapes.

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Salon Perdu

Salon Perdu

Speigeltents Salon Perdu interior

Art Nouveau style spiegeltent

The Salon Perdu is a superb Art Nouveau style spiegeltent thats has a classy oak atmosphere, combined with dark red velvet and golden interior. Floor area has a size of 20m x 24m.

The Salon is perfectly suited for festivals and big shows due to its capacity, but still by using its mirrors and many pillars, it remains cozy at smaller events.

The interior feature consist of a rich burgundy velvet draped ceiling, with mirrored pillars around dance floor. Around the inside are booths which have lovely colured stained glass windows. There is also a Exterior ‘ticket’ office and some period lighting

The capacity for Salon Perdu:
These figures are advisory only and hirers should get advice from their local Fire Safety officer

Up to 450 people standing

Up to 250 people seated at tables

Floorplan of Salon Perdu


Gorgeous Baroque style spiegeltent

The story of the Idolize spiegeltent is one filled with love and passion. Two artists in love created a spiegeltent, immediately being their greatest piece of art. Nowadays she travels the world, and keeps on amazing people. It is all a matter of taste, but this spiegeltents keeps being fascinating for hours. Imagine your event in a surrounding that is this beautiful.

Idolize is a gorgeous Baroque style spiegeltent with a floor area the size of 19m x 22.4m. Her interior features include the following:

  • Deep red and green drapes above booths with a central canvas dome above dance floor
  • Baroque carved and painted pillars
  • Ornately decorated mirrors in booths
  • Beautifully painted integral bar
  • Some period lighting

The capacity of Idolize:
These figures are advisory only and hirers should get advice from their local Fire Safety officer

Up to 400 people standing

Up to 200 people seated at tables

Floorplan of Idolize

Spiegeltent Idolize

Spiegeltent idolize interior

To Hire

To hire a spiegeltent

Spiegeltents are well proven structures that are simple to erect and dismantle. However, there are some basic requirements that you should be aware of before proceeding with an enquiry.


In normal circumstances spiegeltents can be erected in one to two days and dismantled in one. They are free standing structures and can be erected on tarmac, concrete, lawns and any firm surface. They cannot be erected on soft or wet ground.

There should be sufficient space to allow for the footprint of the structure and adequate external access for fire safety requirements. In normal circumstances a clear open space of no less than 24m diameter will be needed. The ground on which they are erected needs to be flat, however a slight incline – a slope of 30cm over 20m - can be accommodated.


Erecting a spiegeltent is labour intensive. It is delivered in an articulated truck. The truck needs to unload within 2 metres of the erection site. If truck access is not possible further labour charges will be incurred. The truck measures 16m in length, 2.55m in width, 4m in height and weighs up to 35 tons.


Spiegeltents are supplied with period internal lighting. The Hirer must supply a 32 amp 3 phase RCD/RCB protected power supply. You would be responsible for connecting and testing supply.

Spiegeltents are not supplied with emergency house lighting, fire exit signs, fire extinguishers, disabled access ramps or steps to entrances if the slope of ground requires the provision of higher steps.


Spiegeltents are supplied with a bar for serving drinks. These bars do not have sinks, water supplies, waste systems or coolers.

Site visit

We will be happy to undertake a site visit and will advise the client on all aspects of installation, capacity, seating arrangements, staging and maintenance of the structure. Please be aware that capacity figures are advisory only. It is the Hirers responsibility to ascertain and regulate fire capacity after consultation with local fire officers or safety representatives.

We are the UK agent for the owners and supplier of the Spiegeltents based in Europe.

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